Упражнение: Фразовые глаголы с TO BRING: часть I

Фразовые глаголы с TO BRING: часть I

После изучения теоретической части попробуйте выполнить следующее упражнение по теме: Фразовые глаголы с TO BRING: часть I .


Вставьте нужный предлог:

  1. I can’t say what brought _____ the change in his attitude?
  2. That disaster brought the two families _____.
  3. Bring your cousin _____ at the weekend.
  4. The matter was brought _____ the Director yesterday.
  5. This photo brings _____ a lot of happy memories.
  6. Please, bring _____ my book in a month.
  7. The nurse brought the patient _____ with a glass of water.
  8. We didn’t like the plan at first but they managed to bring us _____.
  9. He wanted to bring their conversation _____ to the discussion of their future plans, but he couldn’t.
  10. Unfortunately, that scandal brought _____ the Prime Minister.
  11. She brought _____ her twin daughters.
  12. Their task was to bring _____ prices on food products.
  13. We brought _____ the fox with two shots.
  14. The pilot managed to bring the plane _____ in a field.
  15. Some enemy planes were brought _____.
  16. Last year our apple trees brought _____ a lot of apples.


1) about;  2) together; 3) round/around; 4) before; 5) back; 6) back; 7) round/ around; 8) round/ around; 9) round/round; 10) down; 11)  forth; 12) down; 13) down; 14) down; 15) down; 16) forth.

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