Упражнение: Фразовые глаголы с TO BRING: часть II

Фразовые глаголы с TO BRING часть IIРаз уж Вы оказались на этой странице, значит, Вы освоили продолжение теоретической части по фразовым глаголам с TO BRING. Давайте попробуем выполнить упражнение и удостовериться, что материал усвоен.

Вставьте нужный предлог:

  1. Opening a royal palace in Wales could bring _____ an extra £36m in tourism.
  2. Two young women were brought _____ for questioning.
  3. I saw Jane yesterday. Chickenpox brought her _____ _____ I a rash.
  4. She was in despair brought _____ by the break up.
  5. It was a very serious contest but we managed to bring it _____.
  6. The team meeting has been brought _____ from 16 May to 14 May.
  7. He was brought ______ in Romania and came to Scotland for a better life.
  8. You look amazing. The colour of your dress is so great. It brings_____ the colour of your eyes.
  9. When we visit them next time, please, don’t bring this matter _____  .
  10. He was brought _____ on a charge of embezzlement.
  11. Translators were brought _____ to translate for the meeting.
  12. I am feeling terrible. I have brought  _____ my breakfast.
  13. Click here with the right mouse button to bring _____ the whole text.
  14. Have you heard about a new law our local authorities plan to bring _____ .
  15. When the jury brought _____ the verdict of guilty, we could not believe it.
  16. You should bring this idea _____ at the next meeting.


1)in; 2) in; 3) out in; 4)on ; 5) off; 6) forward; 7) up; 8) out; 9)  up; 10)  up; 11)in ; 12) up; 13) up; 14) in; 15) in; 16) forward.

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