Работа со статьей BBC.com “Lion Air: How could a brand new plane crash?”

Lion Air: How could a brand new plane crash?


Сегодня предлагаю вам поработать со статьей с новостного сайта https://www.bbc.com/

1.Answer the questions:

1) Have you heard anything about the recent plane crash?

2) If yes, what do you know about it?


2. Try to read the article without studying new words. While reading try to guess the meaning of new words. If you can’t, so find the word in the list below or in the dictionary ( if there is not the word in the list).

scant – скудный, слабый, недостаточный

to deploy – задействовать

to log – налетать

penultimate – предпоследний

unspecified – неустановленный, неуточненный

to ground (planes) – препятствовать отрыву от земли

snag – неожиданная, скрытая проблема, сложность

teething issues – первоначальные трудности, трудности первоначального использования


3. Now answer the questions to the text:

1)What has happened with flight JT 610?

2) How many people were there on board?

3) What is the most surprising fact about it all?

4) Are there any details about the investigation?

5) Since when has this model been in commercial use?

6) What did Lion Air say in July?

7) What is known about this plane?

8) What do the experts say?

9) How has Boeing reacted to the accident?

4. Discuss:

We know from the article that according to Boeing, the 737 MAX series is the fastest-selling plane in its history, and has accumulated almost 4,700 orders. In what way do you think this accident will affect the future and sales of this brand new plane?

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